Bill Alshire writes:

We received the City of El Paso’s response to our discovery requests, which are identical to the responses to the AG’s requests, except for our issue on redacting the personal email address used by public officials in this correspondence. They admitted that they redacted those email addresses, but objected to our Request for Admission that asked them to admit that the emails (on which the personal emails were redacted) concerned official business of the city. They claim not to know what official business is or that it’s irrelevant.

Next, we file a Motion to Compel each of the Council members to provide the rest of the emails they withheld. Then, we’ll get a hearing set on the Motion for Protective Order. Then, they’ll have to show me (and the AG) what records we are fighting over so we can proceed to trial or MSJ. I will, in addition, to getting access to all of the records (including those that the Council members failed to cough up), we’ll ask for a ruling that they cannot redact the email addresses used by those public officials.

Suspicion Proven

Suspicion Proven

Earlier I wrote in Sleight of hand? about the feeling that some of have that the city may be using the situation over at the fire and police pension board as a diversion — get our attention focused on something other than what city council and the city staff are doing.

Train wreck

Muckracker has been warning us about city council hiding a big plan from us.  See Catch me if you can and Suspicion proven.

Now the city council agenda for April 9, 2013 is out.  This article will focus on item 9.

City council is preparing to spend a lot of money and reduce the value of many property owner’s  land.  They need to do this to build the ball park.  Last week council voted unanimously to approve this ordinance on it’s first presentation.  Tuesday the ordinance will have it’s second.