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Poor Monkey

I ran into the Borundas last night at a party at Vista Hills Country Club. They felt my testimony helped the Monkey and really hurt TABC. Oh well.


Another diamond from the Chucoleaks miners! Grab your pick and headlamp and dig in! Happy Holidays!!!


Texas Attorney General rules in favor of Stephanie Townsend Allala’s Open Records Request

The Texas Attorney General ruled in favor of Stephanie Townsend Allala’s Open Records request for emails and texts on Council, Mayor and Joyce Wilson’s personal cell phones and email accounts:

Upon review, we find you have failed to demonstrate how any of the information in Exhibit F5 is highly intimate or embarrassing information of no legitimate public interest. Therefore, none of Exhibit F5 may be withheld.

The City has a few days to decide whether to give it up, or sue the Attorney General over this opinion. Stay tuned, Chucolovers!

Official ruling after the jump.

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107 Pages of personal emails 11-19-12

107 Pages of personal emails.

These are the least offensive of the bunch. They are still withholding tons of emails they claim include both “City business” and personal information, and they are fighting hard to avoid release of those.

I note that they [City of El Paso] redacted the personal email addresses even those the Mayor and Council Reps are not “members of the public” in the context of communication with each other on official business. I’ll address that issue to the Attorney General.

El Paso City Council Lets Play Ball!

Baseball for the masses! But who’s gonna pick up the tab? Hotel guests? Really?!? Looks like there’ll be lots of money floating around downtown kind of like water swirling down the toilet. And the City isn’t setting aside any money for those sweet cop and firefighter pensions.