Open Records Request Demands City Show Authority to Sue

The Public Information Act, formerly known as the Open Records Act, is located at chapter 552 of the Government Code. The Act provides a mechanism for citizens to inspect or copy government records. It also provides for instances in which governmental bodies wish to, or are required by law to, withhold government records from the public.

What types of records are subject to the Public Information Act?

Any information collected, assembled, or maintained by or for a governmental body is subject to the Public Information Act. The format (paper, electronic, microfilm, etc.) of the record does not affect its status as a public record.

Plaintiffs Original Petition for Declaratory Judgment and Request for Disclosures


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  1. You cannot win a fixed game. You think the state or the courts give a darn about the little taxpayer? Let’s see the courts are either appointed by the guv (takes gobs of cash from the people who run el paso) or you get some local elected judge who seeks the support of the same people that give money to Perry. This state is a corrupt joke and that is why people like Hunt and Foster buy elections.

    Voting and filing lawsuits is a waste of time and it shows faith in a system that doesnt deserve your faith. Violent revolution is the only answer…which is exactly what the founders did!

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